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Concept Elke aus dem Moore,  Marie-Hélène Gutberlet

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Many thanks to the authors Myriam Abdelaziz, Elke aus dem Moore, Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, N’Goné Fall, Irmgard Maria Fellner, Stacy Hardy, Mihret Kebede, Cynthia Kros & Georges Pfruender, Premesh Lalu, Ato Malinda, Sari Middernacht, Patrick Mudekereza, Alya Sebti, Michael Tsegaye

Photographs by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, Anike Joyce Sadiq, Julian Tadesse, Helen Zeru Araya
Mosaic detail of the wing of demolished piece of Mexico Square fountain, garden of Alle School of Arts and Design, photograph © Alle School of Arts and Design Addis Ababa, further images according to the mentioned ©. All rights reserved

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An international conference on art, public space, and the culture of memory
September 16–18, 2014, Addis Ababa,
Alle School of Fine Arts and Design

Concept Elke aus dem Moore, Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, Christina Werner

Realization and organization Inka Gressel, Mihret Kebede, Sophie Rau, Christina Werner

Participants Doung Anwar Jahangeer, Berhanu Ashagrie Deribew, Elke aus dem Moore, Abebaw Ayalew, N’Goné Fall, Khwezi Gule, Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, Fasil Giorghis, Stacy Hardy, Mihret Kebede, Cynthia Kros, Premesh Lalu, Ato Malinda, Bekele Mekonnen, Patrick Mudekereza, Jimmy Ogonga, Georges Pfruender, Alya Sebti, Michael Tsegaye, Christina Werner; with welcome addresses by Irmgard Maria Fellner and Ato Yonas Desta.

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