Mihret Kebede

Collective Art Practice in Public Space

A short talk given at FUTURE MEMORIES Conference, Addis Ababa, 18 September 2014.

In her speech Mihret Kebede together with Artist Robel Temesgen introduced the “Wax and Gold” project funded by the Prince Claus Fund in 2013 about the freedom of expression and censorship, which took place in different parts of the city in Addis Ababa and at Nesta Art Village, Addis Ababa, founded in 2008 by 11 local artists, including Mihret. See also http://www.netsaartvillage.org.
Her project “Slow Marathon”––a work-in-progress since 2012 with events to date hosted in Addis Ababa, Aberdeen, Amsterdam and elsewhere with more than 500 participants from all over the world––is based on the exchange of shoe laces, donations of miles and time­. It addresses a critical look at the running industry and movement constraints in our world in testing the existing map, the geographical and ideal distances between countries and people.
Mihret Kebede, artist, founding director of the Netsa Art Village artist collective in Addis Ababa. She has received several residency grants, notably from the Thami Mnyele Foundation (2012) and Deveron Arts, Huntly, Scotland (2012). Recent projects include “Slow Marathon” at Walk Sans Frontières Symposium (2012) on art, walking and boundaries as well as a performance art project for the Prince Claus Fund annual awards ceremony in Amsterdam (2012). She was co-organizer of the “Wax and Gold” workshop and exhibition, Addis Abeba (2013). A founding member of Tobiya Poetic Jazz Group, Mihret’s poetry readings feature on the DVD Tobiya Poetry & Jazz Vol. 1.

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